Help Juice Rigging

Example of a Juice Rigging Access Goal Post this is a self climbing system where the top bar can be lifted to allow high vehicle through, in this case fair ground rides but can be lowered to the right height to display the banner in this case supporting 125a & 63a three phase mains cable & floodlight lighting over the entrance way helping with compliance for H&S Click here to see schematics

Examples of Goal post system in use on many of our events throughout England on events, festivals. Used for signage, main exits and entrances, cable supports and floodlighting walkways and access routes. These are a safe and structurally correct way of providing these important site markers helping with compliance of H&S. Contact Andy for more information.

Toilet marker with Lighting

Main Entrance & Cable support

VIP Entrance marker with Lighting

Under Going Construction

Juice Sound & Light

Schematics for Examples of Goal posts for entrance/exit marking