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Juice Sound Ltd Prolyte ARC Roof

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Complimenting our other stage roofs the Prolyte ARC roof is a simple but very stable structure. Smallest of our truss supported roofs is a 6 by 4 ARC roof and is excellent for shopping malls, pop up kitchens, fetes, displays and makes an ideal front of house position with plenty of space for sound & lighting. Along with the next size up, the Prolyte 8 x 6 ARC Roof they are also perfect for Christmas light switch-on’s, small festivals and town centre events. Contact John or Tom for more information

The Juice Sound 6 x 4 ARC Roof (photographs above) offers a performance/display area of 6.6 metres by 4.4 metres (Subject to staging/flooring designed to fit inside). For outdoor use the addition of vinyl roof, sides and back form a totally watertight roof to protect your event. Although we class this as a small stage, the area that it covers is surprisingly large. Two cars can be parked easily under the canopy and this cover can also be used as a cover for back stage areas, race meetings, vehicle  or mechanics cover, disabled shelter at larger events, Cookery displays and much more………

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These three photographs show how much space there is inside this structure. The Schematic to the right shows the smaller 6 x 4 Prolyte ARC roof with construction detail showing the strength and bracing that is incorporated into every Prolyte design. Surprisingly fast to install in the smallest spaces. For more information on Prolyte Products click here.