Juice Sound & Light



Commonly asked questions answered by us:


Have you a Health & Safety Policy Statement?


In short yes, we have both general Health & Safety Statements, which are fairly easy to raise as a global document and make the statement of recognising a risk and minimising it. We also raise event based Health & Safety Statements, these are much more accurate, reflect the job/event itself and take into account time of year, transport, venue operation, quality/experience of local staff, hours worked and staff driving hours post event amongst many other criteria.


So many times it is easy to just accept a standard Policy but every job is different as is every day at the same place, Weather conditions, peoples mood and attitude can alter a person ability to work alone or in a team. Our Health & Safety Policies are raised to reflect this and are altered on the job as needs must with respect to Health of the persons in the environment of work and paramount the safety of all concerned.


When was your Health & Safety Statement last reviewed?


This is on going and never stops, it is reviewed all of the time and updates made to our core policy documentation on a two to three monthly intervals to reflect changes in working practices and provision of supply within the industry, this is a minimum and within our working environment Health & Safety is ongoing, minute by minute our staff and crew are trained to work within the parameters of the documentation but always with the flexibility that if a safer method is found to use that.


Have you a written safety procedure or reference manuals?


All types of work are covered by a Brief, this brief provides the breakdown of the job and how the company and management see the job done. From this brief John Silk the proprietor who heads Health & Safety within the Company will provide a Method Statement and identifies any area of risk, he will consult with an outside specialist where the Methods are outside his area of expertise and consult with the companies insurers on areas where he considers that there may be exposure to risk outside the original insurance schedule so that cover can be increased or tailored to cover this.


From the method statement a risk assessment is then raised. The risk assessment is then discussed with the staff and on regular areas of risk a “How to do it” statement is written and added to the Juice “Knowledge base” library.


As stated above where there are unusual situations, events or jobs then consultation is had with our business insurers, to ensure cover is in place.  Ask your other suppliers how many take that much effort or expect insurance cover for any situation.


Do you have any professional advice on Health & Safety?


In areas of doubt or lack of expertise advice is sought from Industry specialists in areas of Law, Licensing and Loler Lifting regulations.


Are you a member of any safety organisation?


Membership no apart from PSA and Small Business Federation, although John Silk lectures when requested on Health & Safety in Practice with in the field of Production Services at various Student Unions and Venues.


Staff are encouraged to take their event SPA (Safety Pass Alliance) Safety passport of which the main Health & Safety for Juice John Silk is a holder of along with several others of the staff.


What is your system for investigating and reporting accidents, incidents and diseases?


With regards to a major incident, wherever the problem occurred the local authorities are informed so that any evidence is gathered immediately for future reference. With regards to smaller incidents John Silk is informed immediately, the head technician provides the information and acts to provide for a safe environment for his staff and others around him until all is satisfied that the risk is minimised or removed. The incident would be discussed with both staff and the Client then entered into the Accident book.


Juice S&L can honestly say we have never had a reportable incident.


What is your system for maintenance of plant and equipment?


Ongoing with every usage, you cannot rely on an inspection once a year, this does not go far enough to ensure that regular used equipment is safe in-between inspections. Staff are trained to assess and identify problems before they get too big and equipment is given regular checks and electrical tests almost every time they go out of the warehouse and with Bi-Annual Inspection of high risk areas such as lifting equipment by an outside contractor to Loler standards.


What Health & Safety training has been provided for your site representatives?


There is ongoing training in all aspects of the companies core business with top up courses to cover areas that may have lapsed or need updating. Within the training Health & Safety is taught as a key part to recognise any risk to one self and others around you and to minimise that risk.


There is also encouragement and finance for staff to go on event Safety courses and to take the Safety Pass Alliance and to hold powered access licence or IPAF in all areas where t6he company requires powered access even if not used as understanding is more than half of safety.


Please name your employee on our site who will be responsible for Health & Safety?


Overall John Silk (Proprietor) with the Lead Techncian for on site or area led events.


Do you have records of accident and incidents?


We have a standard system with incidents recorded in HSE recommended “accident” book and process incidents under the requirements of the HSE.


To date we have not had any notifiable accidents and our Health & Safety record is excellent with only one or two cuts and a banged head in 29 years.


Do you keep Training Records for all employees?


Yes we do, as part of our training program an EXCEL spreadsheet of those who work for Juice Sound & Light depicting what  training they have had, proof of that knowledge in the form of on the job assessment and questioning and to what level that training was done.


Have you had notices served upon you or been prosecuted?


I presume that this would be for Health & Safety breaches and no Juice S&L has never had any form of notice or prosecution with regards to the supply of any services in the 29 years of operation.



Do you have Employers Liability?


Yes we carry full Employers Liability with Double indemnity.


Do you have third party and public liability?


Yes we carry full public liability at quadruple indemnity. (this is, at times, requested for high level working and by certain venues).


Please provide test certificates for all equipment to be used on site?


As equipment varies dependent on the event this is not viable, however a certificate if required stating that the equipment assembled and tested for a forthcoming event can be provided as needs be. The office needs to be informed of this requirement at the time of booking and a charge will be incorporated in the hire for this.


Please provide certificates of competence for all vehicle or plant operators?


Personnel are trained within the operation of the safe handling; installation and usage of temporary entertainment systems, taking account of the venue/site any third party personnel and the public on/in the site/venue.


Vehicle and Plant Operators are fully trained, inspected and assessed by outside training companies and are issued with appropriate certificates, licences and passports.


I hope that this answers your Questions, if you require copies of any paperwork then please send through a request and we will forward the information pertinent to your request. Copies of our insurance certificates and letter stating cover from our insurers (currently Zurich Insurance) are available as required.