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“Superb Lighting done really well for any situation indoors & outdoors. Architectural & Tree line, Festoons & Stage Lighting, Projection, Standby/Emergency. Click the Robe head to go to our lighting pages for more”

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“Sound and Sound Systems are 2nd nature to us at Juice. From the source to the reproduction, we understand each stage and get the best solution for you.

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“Proper Power distribution is a very important part of any event. Whether its a Street Festival, Green Field Festival or any venue a safe, intelligent power design is built into all our hires. Click the Plug to go our power pages”

Welcome to Juice Sound Ltd a multi-disciplined Event & Entertainment services provider, supplying quality Sound, Lighting, Power Distribution, Stage Roofs, Staging & Associated Services to fulfil the needs of Venues, Touring Artistes, Event Providers, Festivals Street & Food Festivals in the UK. For Touring Artistes we offer support while you are in the UK from an individual piece of equipment to complete, cost effective packages of Sound, Lighting and Rigging services with trucking offering support for you from the moment you arrive in the UK. We provide generators with power distribution all in house.  We also work with Local Authorities & Educational Authorities, Arts Centres and Publicly funded bodies based in the UK as well as special pricing for Parish Councils and Community Events in our surrounding area of Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Leicestershire.

If you want help with an event from planning to fruition ask us

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“Juice provides Staging systems from a rolling drum riser, stage risers & draped sets to full stages both indoors & outdoors with roofs and full black box theatres click on our juice staging to go to Staging & Drapes pages”

“Video & Projection using various projection devices in our stock, Oil Wheel, Slides, Laser & Video on screens, walls, buildings & tents. FX such as Haze/Fog and Cold Spark. Click on the projector to go to our pages for more”

Welcome to Juice Sound Limited Your Caring Hire/Rental Partner

“We stock Prolyte Truss with H30v, H40v and S52v MPT Towers & Loudspeaker Lifting Towers. Wind up Mobil Tech towers & Genie Superlifts. Verlinde Electric Chain Hoists, Controllers. All lifting & suspension gear. Click on the truss to got our lifting pages”


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