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Juice Sound & Light provide safe power solutions as a very important part of all our events, indoors or outdoors, whether part of our rental supply or for a day or a week on a full scale event providing power to the full site We operate safe, intelligent, design with correct calculations & allowance for headroom for those unforeseen extras and make every effort to comply with regulations which are there to make sure that power is not be taken lightly. At Juice we work through each area of your power distribution needs as either part of our total hire to you whatever you have hired. Each major item in our stock is not just checked once a year but every hire for reliability.

Quality. From the generator onwards quality is controlled all of the time. We look after the fuel supply/refuelling and provide 100% duty back up on all of our events with synchronised sets & auto/manual changeover systems. For smaller events we stock our own road tow generators from 15kva up to 50kva just ask for further information

Emergency Lighting Systems. As part of our supply chain we also have battery backed up emergency lighting with twin head large area lights, 8w fluorescent battery units, running man exit signs. Hanging Blade exit lights, battery backed 4 ft fluorescent fittings and various LED battery backed up systems. Providing for lighting failure in temporary structures and buildings where emergency lighting needs to be improved for an event.

Tower Lights for wide area floodlighting we stock Link Tower floodlighting towers lifting four 400w heads upto 7m high


At Juice we have the power..... Literally!

 Juice Cable Tray

Used within many areas of our rentals are cable tray or cable crossover we have a substantial stock of this product in a three section channel with each channel capable of taking up to a 125a three phase cable with a yellow flip over lid and capable of taking the weight of a large truck. For multicore runs, mains runs accross areas where cables alone would be dangerous or a hazard a substantial stock of this product is held for hire.

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