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Juice Staging & Support

We use Industry Standard products to achieve amazing results. Steeldeck 5kn & 7.5kn and Prolyte DEX with leg lengths from 6” (150mm) thru 12” (300mm) 18” (450mm) 24” (600mm) 36” (910mm) to 39” (1 Metre) and 48” (1.22m) for flat floor usage and we stock Jacking legs for uneven surfaces or stepped surfaces. Can be supplied with all handrails, Rosko Dancefloor, drapes, soft fronts and coupled with our rigging department supporting systems such as ground support for lighting and stage roofs. If you want to see more on our staging work click on the links below.

We also provide wheelchair risers or viewing platforms with a ramped access of 1 in 6 (assisted access) nominally at 60cm high (2 feet) with handrails all round we allow 1.7m per wheelchair and carer (5 feet) and start at 2 positions

Big tops are notorious for not being very theatrically orientated and we have designed a system for one of our clients that allows for a theatrical stage in a black box with technical wings and dressing rooms in the tightest possible space so allowing for maximum seating.

Big Top Schematic

With the emphasis on H&S and the marking of entrances and exits we have found using our Prolyte Trussing with specially designed “Pass through” bases allow for the free passage of public while still maintaining the 3 to 1 height to base ratio required for a free standing structure and a supporting kentledge platform for outdoor use ballasting.

Goalpost Structures

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