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Our history with Court Black Box

After considerable success with a smaller pa system purchased from SSE in 1985 using JBL loaded W Bins, a 2 x 12” ATC loaded Exponential midrange unit and a JBL 2” on Crinkle flares (These were the days when manufacturers did not make “complete” systems and individuality was allowed) This system was powered by the then massive Studiomaster Mosfet 1000 amplifiers and crossed over using a Chris Allington Active Crossover which came together to make an impressive system which was used at many local and national shows and a residency at the legendary live venue of The Bear Hotel, Kingsthorpe, Northampton and the early years of the Roadmenders. It had come to the point that a larger system was required to cover the bigger venues, touring requests and in John Silk’s mind the requirements for a system that would sum when stacked. There were several choices at that time with the Hill Co-linear system, the Martin B15 Split system that had enjoyed so much success previously and other products such as the Clair Bros was on the other side of the Atlantic with their S4 co-linear system and there was the Court Black Box system that along with the Martin System had enjoyed great success. Luckily in the right place at the right time and price the first eight stacks of Original Court Black Box was purchased from Music Market on Kettering Road in Northampton and along with a purchases of a new Amplifier type made by a Cambridge Company called C-Audio with the SR808 capable of driving down to 2 ohms and delivering 1250 watts rms (2.5kw) into 2 Ohms which was a previously unheard of capability. (SSE Hire placed four of these in one amp-rack per side for their 10kw per side MB4 System on the legendary T’pau “China in my hand” Tour).

The system went into use very quickly providing sound at the University of London (ULU) venue, On tour with Guy Chadwick and Terry Bickers with House of Love, Jason Pearce with Spiritualized, later Verve and St Etienne, Bob Mould with Sugar, Suede, the Primitives and the legendary guitarist Nils Lofgren. Plus many, many more nationwide shows and events indoors and outdoors. House system at Reading University, Coventry University and the Pitz in Milton Keynes for several years also the House system in the Roadmenders for several years (The Stone Roses stated that this was one of the most memorable gigs of their career) and house system at the Irish Centre, Northampton for those amazing shows with acts such as Primal Scream. This system proved itself time after time in interesting situations and constant improvements kept the quality of sound reproduction at its best.

In 1995 after looking at updates for several years and trying out systems from Function One’s Flashlight (we toured with this product several times with Ozric Tentacles) EV MT Series, Nexo we finally settled on L-Acoustics. Our Court System was quite large by then and after several sales of a number of stacks we finally sold the remainder of eight stacks into the Pitz in Milton Keynes where it continued to perform for many more years. Eventually the Pitz was forced to close and as part of the stock disposal we again became proud owners of this amazing system receiving four stacks back into stock with the original amplifiers.

The reason why these boxes can still hold their own against modern product is the way they are built. Unlike copies of the system the mid/hi pack is a very complicated piece of woodwork with a 2 x 12” constantly curving exponential horn of 40 x 60 degrees in front of each 12” and a deep, vertically mounted slot horn exiting into a CD 40 x 60 degree flare. The bass unit which was never meant to be a sub unit but low mid is a huge folded horn loaded with 15” drivers. If loaded with the correct drivers, fit for the purpose of a  loaded system it performed superbly well and with modern processors the sound quality is better than ever.

Juice Sound & Light now uses this product for many outdoor and indoor shows where budgets are limited. It does not have to prove a return and although considered large by modern standards can stack without having to use risers, looks and sounds impressive offering value for money and is splash proof as all components are mounted at the back of the box so as an outdoor system it is brilliant.


Court Black Box loudspeakers at a very windy Community Event on a Juice Sound Prolyte ARC Roof cover at 6 x 4 set at a low height of 2 metre side walls with a 60cm (2 foot high) Steeldeck stage build underneath

The Court black box system held in stock is loaded with two ATC PA75 12” STD drivers for midrange and ideal cast spider shallow diaphragm loudspeaker for semi horn loading. The box also uses two 4” voice coil HF units in the form of the Beyma CP800 a massive titanium diaphragm that requires extra support in the mounting space behind the slot horn to carry the weight. The 2 x 15” W Bins for low mid and bass are following the classic JBL design but with out the barn doors making it easier to transport are currently loaded JBL 2225 a flatter diaphragm driver for extreme horn loading but during the early years the boxes were loaded Vitavox 15inch Music motor’s, a true horn loading loudspeaker. The system worked with many, now famous artistes in the UK and Europe with the sound quality still surprising engineers wherever it is heard. The system cross’s at just over 202hz for bass to mid and 1205hz into the slot horns which is following the original Steven Court design criteria

Court Black Box on Community Stage