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Juice Sound Nexo GEO-S 805/830 Tangent Array

The first of the Nexo product range to address the problems of loudspeaker summing within an array. The GEO-S is an 8 inch driver coupled with a 1 inch compression driver in a passive box! This system address’s the requirements of step distance between drivers to form in this case a segment of a large horn to reproduce sound amazingly well and when set up through the Geosoft Software produces astounding sound accurately covering the specified areas exactly when driven by the oversized Chevin Research Amplifiers that we use. The product has won it’s way into our hearts as an accurate and predictable tool that is inconspicuous in size but very obvious in it’s sound quality especially for Jazz, World Music, Opera, Classical, Conference and Comedy.

Another very good audio tool

Follow this link to Nexo GEO805 and to this one for the brochure Nexo GEO 805/830/CD12 Brochure

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